Property: How to create a DIY garden office and add £12K to the value of your home

Home offices are currently a high priority when buying a home. With more people working from home during the lockdown, home offices are in high demand. But what if you don’t have a home office space? Setting up a garden office could be a great solution while adding five percent to your home value.

The average UK home price is at a record high of £ 252,000 as of February 17, 2021.

This means that having a gardening office can add up to £ 12,000 to the value of your home.

MyToolShed’s DIY experts have revealed their expert knowledge on how to build your own gardening office for around 15 percent of the price of the pre-made shed.

Prefabricated garden offices can cost anywhere from £ 12,000 to £ 20,000 or more.

MyToolShed’s garden office ambassador Luke Spear revealed how he built his ideal office building in ten steps for just £ 3,000.

Mr. Spear said, “There are so many reasons you might want to build an outdoor home office or insulated garden building, including wanting to have a space to write, draw, produce music, be creative, or socialize.

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“Longer lengths have higher costs per meter.

“In my case it was more than five or six meters.

“I didn’t take that into account and paid the price. Definitely avoidable. “

3. Lifting the wall

The DIY expert said homeowners might need help with this part.

Mr Spear said you should make your rods with inverted angle screws to hold them in place while you secure them to an OSB base and each other.

7. Canopy

The home improvement expert recommended getting out a steel grinder and cutting the metal roof on the grass to keep it from slipping.

He also suggested adding a piece of wood to one end of the metal so it would hang so it wouldn’t cut into your grass.

8. Isolation

When the weather is cooler, you want your garden office to be warm and cozy.

Mr. Spear recommended using fiberglass as an inexpensive option for insulation.

He said it was pretty easy to find a deal on a large amount of fiber.

However, he urged homeowners to wear a mask when working as direct contact with fiberglass or inhaling fiberglass dust in the air can irritate the nose and throat.

9. Plastering and plastering

Mr Spear said you should make sure your plasterboard is clean with minimal gaps so that it can be easily smoothed.

It may be necessary to ask for help or get a plasterboard lift if you cannot manage yourself.

10. Flooring

Hiring a professional can cost almost double the cost of the floor itself. Mr. Spear therefore recommended looking around for a quote for laminate flooring.

Laminate can cost around £ 6-8 per square meter and skirting boards can cost around £ 1 per meter.

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